Announcing the release of five new editions of Gem Trek maps:

Bragg Creek & Sheep Valley Map (7th edition)
Jasper Maligne Lake Map (9th edition)
Kootenay National Park Map (6th edition)
Lake Louise & Yoho Map (11th edition)
Banff-Egypt Lake Map (2nd edition)

All five maps are printed by Burke Group in Edmonton on waterproof and tear-resistant paper.

We spent the summer of 2021 out in the field researching these maps, and then many months inputting changes and working with Parks Canada and Alberta Parks to ensure they were as up to date as possible. The biggest change was to the Banff-Egypt Lake Map, which was the last remaining paper hiking map we published, but it is now on waterproof paper.

Bragg Creek Sheep Valley Map | Gem TrekGem Trek Jasper Maligne Lake MapKootenay National Park Map Lake Louise Yoho Map | Gem Trek banff egypt lake map gem trek