Media Requests

For media requests and general publicity, please contact Gem Trek Maps emailing

We are more than happy to supply legitimate media outlets, including social media influencers, with complimentary maps.

Press Mentions

These are no ordinary maps. Made of waterproof and tear-resistant paper, they clearly show hiking, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking routes superimposed on superb topographical detail. Included on the back of the maps are detailed descriptions of selected routes showing distances, elevation gains, estimated times to complete the routes and difficulty ratings.

Explore magazine

There are maps, and there are maps, but there aren’t many maps like these. Next time you go hiking, biking, skiing or riding in the Rockies, pick up a Gem Trek recreation map first. Topo maps and guide in one, they feature — along with roads, trails and the usual contour lines and mountain elevations — points of interest; lodge, hostel and alpine hut locations; front- and backcountry campgrounds; viewpoints; relief shading; photos of flora, fauna and great views; trail tips; emergency numbers and trail descriptions. Best of all, they’re printed on waterproof plastic…

Westworld (AMA) magazine

Gem Trek maps have been profiled and recommended in various North American publications, including:

Calgary Herald, Calgary Sun, Crag and Canyon, Rocky Mountain Outlook, Canadian Rockies Annual, Globe and Mail, Explore, Avenue West, Westworld (AMA), Alberta Report, Mountain Life, Backpacker, Trail Runner, Alberta Venture.

Guidebooks That Recommend Gem Trek Maps

  • Canadian Rockies Trail Guide by Brian Patton and Bart Robinson
  • Kananaskis Country Trail Guides (Volumes 1-5) by Gillean Daffern
  • Ridge Walks in the Canadian Rockies by Mike Potter
  • Don’t Waste Your Time in the Canadian Rockies by Cathy and Craig Copeland
  • Summits and Icefields, Canadian Rockies by Chic Scott
  • Backcountry Huts and Lodges of the Rockies and Columbias by Jim Scott
  • Handbook of the Canadian Rockies by Ben Gadd
Canadian Rockies Trail Guide
Gem Trek maps are recommended in many guidebooks,
including the Canadian Rockies Trail Guide.

Other Gem Trek References

  • Sierra Club’s reading list for trips to the Canadian Rockies.
  • Gem Trek has supplied relief-shaded trail maps to Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay national parks for trailhead kiosks.
  • Our maps are included in a number of tour group packages by outfitters offering hiking and sightseeing trips in the Canadian Rockies.
  • Gem Trek’s Columbia Icefield map was part of the map exhibit at the 50th German Cartographers Congress in Germany in 2001.

Praise from Map Users

Over the years, we have received direct feedback from literally hundreds of Gem Trek map users. Here’s a sampling:

The maps are of high quality, great to look at and contain lots of accurate, practical and up-to-date information. I particularly like the mini-guide on the back—good, concise info and well written.
Bill Corbett

Outdoors writer and author of Outdoor Activities in Alberta's Heartland

Gem Trek offers the best maps for Rockies recreationists.
Ben Gadd

Author of Handbook of the Canadian Rockies

When our family visited the Canadian Rockies several years ago, we found the best information in your excellent maps. We used your maps again on our most recent trip, and found ideas and information for new hikes we loved. You guys are the best!
Joan P.

Mountain View, California

Just wanted to let you know that we stumbled across your maps in an outfitting store in Edmonton. We were so overjoyed with the quality of the one we bought, we drove all the way back and bought another two of different areas. We sat down for hours just staring and learning all about the trails and mountains. It is so awesome! Thanks for the great work you did.
Andrea L.

Edmonton, Alberta

I bought several of your maps through Barnes & Noble last year for our trip to the Canadian Rockies and was very pleased with them. They had great information and held up nicely. My only disappointment is that you only make them for the Canadian Rockies…
Mary Ellen N.

Glenview, Illinois

Last week, I ordered eight Gem Trek maps from Map Town in Calgary. The maps arrived very promptly and I am delighted with them. I especially appreciate the guides to trails and attractions included on most of the maps. Your beautiful and practical maps provide me just about everything I need to plan my visit to the Canadian Rockies.
Kirby L.

Federal Way, Washington

I am writing to congratulate you on the excellence of your recreation map series. We have just returned to England from a walking and touring holiday in the Canadian Rockies, where we relied extensively on your maps of Jasper, Banff and the Columbia Icefield. We found them to be accurate, informative and very easy to follow, combining a wealth of cartographic detail with much useful and practical information on the back. In conjunction with a GPS, they told us exactly where we were at all times, and how far we had to go—useful when walking with young children. Without your maps, our walks would have been much less pleasant. Coming from the UK, we tend to take good mapping for granted. But your maps—particularly the “Up-Close” maps of Banff and Jasper—were better than anything we have seen here. Thank you again for providing maps which made such a contribution to our holiday.
John A.

United Kingdom

I am an Honours student in Geography at Memorial University of Newfoundland. This past summer, I had a four-month position in Calgary. On my days off, I was fortunate enough to visit the Canadian Rockies on several occasions for hiking… and used your Banff & Mt. Assiniboine map. During four years of research and endless hours of cartographic work, I have analyzed many maps. I must congratulate you on the superior graphics and use of attractive colour incorporated into your design. When maps look this good, it inspires one to examine the map longer, and ultimately learn more. In my opinion your maps are the best there are for the intended purpose. Keep up the good work.
Peter H.

St, John's, Newfoundland

My nine maps arrived today and I must say, they are much nicer than I expected. I knew that Gem Trek was the final word in maps of the Canadian Rockies, but for some reason, expected the usual over-priced, gas station-quality maps we are accustomed to out here on the East Coast. Yours are absolutely beautiful! I suspect that’s because they are made by people who truly care that the products and services they provide are of the highest quality, and at very reasonable prices. In an age of corporate mega-mergers, this is extremely refreshing.
Tom M.

Baltimore, Maryland

I got the first of [your maps] yesterday and I just wanted to say that the Lake Louise and Yoho map is fantastic. I compete in automobile rallies and so I have owned and have experience with a lot of different kinds of maps and yours is one of the best I’ve seen. Looking forward to my trip out there in September.
Robert R.

Toronto, Ontario