Buying Gem Trek Maps

We encourage you to support local retailers in the Canadian Rockies. Gem Trek maps are stocked by visitor centres throughout the Canadian Rockies as well as  bookstores, outdoor retailers, and lodges.


Gem Trek Maps are sold throughout the Canadian Rockies. You will find them at visitor centres, bookstores, outdoor retailers, and at many lodges and attractions. At visitor centres, Gem Trek Maps are used by Parks Canada staff to help visitors plan their trips, so you can see the maps laid out.

Beyond the Canadian Rockies, Gem Trek Maps are sold in most map specialty stores, and at outdoor retailers such as Mountain Equipment Co-op.

ONLINE: From within Canada, use the links on the product pages of this website to purchase our maps and have them shipped directly. We have also provided links to purchase from


 The easiest way to get our maps if you are in the United States is through an online retailer like Longitude Maps, or click through the links on this website.


If you are in the U.K. or Europe and would like to order Gem Trek maps, please contact Craenen for a retailer near you. If you are in the U.K., Cordee stocks our maps for online sales.

Gem Trek maps can also be ordered online through all European Amazon websites. Search “Gem Trek [name of map].”


Our maps are sold by 3rd party retailers on some international Amazon sites, but we do not set prices and shipping costs can be high. Please contact us if you are an international customer wanting to buy maps directly from Gem Trek.


Canadian Booksellers and Retailers

If you’d like to stock Gem Trek maps, please contact us.

Click here to download a copy of the Gem Trek Order Form.

Summerthought also sells to trade customers in the Canadian Rockies through Alpine Book Peddlers and across Canada through Map Town.

US Distributor

If you are a retailer in the United States and would like to stock Gem Trek maps, contact East View Map Link:

East View Map Link
10601 Wayzata Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55305-1526
Phone: 952  252 1203
Fax: 952 252 1202

U.K. and European Distributor

If you are a retailer in the U.K. or Europe who would like to carry Gem Trek Maps, please contact Craenen:

Mechelsesteenweg 633
B-3020 Herent
Phone: 32 0 16 23 90 90
Fax: 32 0 16 23 97 11

Corporate Gifts and Volume Orders

Gem Trek maps are ideal for delegate gifts, incentives, promotions, and staff training.

Are you looking for Canadian Rockies corporate gifts for delegates attending a conference? Do you represent a business looking to build a brand identity? Or are you a Canadian Rockies company in search of staff incentives? Gem Trek offers a range of options that help bring brand exposure, enhance brand loyalty, and create memories of the Canadian Rockies.

Please contact us for corporate and volume discounts. We offer free shipping of maps throughout the Canadian Rockies and to Calgary.