Banff–Egypt Lake Map

ISBN: 978-1-990161-06-3
2nd, 2022
Folded size:
4.5 x 9.5 inches
Flat size:
27 x 39 inches


Canada and U.S. only

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Gem Trek’s 1:50,000-scale BANFF–EGYPT LAKE MAP covers the most popular hiking trails in the immediate area of the town of Banff in more detail than our Banff & Mount Assiniboine Map.

The Banff–Egypt Lake Map features detailed cartography, accurate hiking trails with distances, and details such as side trips and backcountry campgrounds. For road travellers, it includes viewpoints, picnic areas, and campgrounds.

On the back of the map are trail descriptions of 17 recommended day hikes and four classic multi-day trips, all referenced to the map on the front. Also on the back is a list of trails recommended for early season, birdwatching, wildflowers, waterfalls, expansive views, awe-inspiring scenery, alpine meadows and rainy days. Included are contact numbers for visitor centres and backcountry bookings, plus information on Egypt Lake Shelter and Shadow Lake Lodge.

Banff–Egypt Lake Map Coverage

The Banff–Egypt Lake Map stretches from just east of Taylor Lake in the west to the west end of Lake Minnewanka in the east, and from Mystic Pass and Rockbound Lake in the north to Citadel Pass and Vermilion Crossing (Kootenay National Park) in the south. The Banff–Egypt Lake map is particularly useful for hikers heading into the Sunshine Meadows and Egypt Lake regions of Banff National Park.

All of the great day hikes in and around the town of Banff are covered on this map, including Tunnel Mountain, Sundance Canyon, Spray River Loop, and Sulphur Mountain.

A little further from town, you'll find the classic trails to Cory Pass, Bourgeau Lake and the fabulous alpine meadows at Harvey Pass, plus Stoney Squaw, C-Level Cirque, Cascade Amphitheatre, Elk Lake, Mystic Lake, Castle Lookout, Rockbound Lake, Johnston Canyon and the Ink Pots.

Sunshine Meadows detail includes trails to Citadel Pass, Rock Isle Lake, the Grizzly-Larix Lakes Loop, Twin Cairns-Meadow Park, and Simpson Pass.

If you are headed into the Egypt Lake or Shadow Lake areas, this is the map you will want. All of the access routes in and out of these two popular backcountry areas are shown in great detail, including Redearth Creek, Healy Creek, Arnica Lake, Twin Lakes, Hawk Creek-Ball Pass, as well as the route to Egypt Lake over Wawa Ridge and Simpson Pass from Sunshine Village.

The overnight routes to the more rugged Elk Lake and Mystic Lakes areas northwest of the town of Banff are also shown in their entirety, including over Mystic Pass to Johnston Canyon.

An inset map on the back increases coverage of the town of Banff.

Banff–Egypt Lake Map Features

The Banff–Egypt Lake Map includes:

  • contour lines at 25-metre (80-foot) intervals
  • relief shading to better show the topography
  • full colour on both sides
  • waterproof and tear-resistant paper
  • hiking trails - with trail names and trail distances marked
  • detailed descriptions of 17 hiking trails on reverse side of map
  • hydrology – rivers, rapids and waterfalls
  • mountain names and all available mountain elevations
  • glaciers
  • all campgrounds
  • points of interest and attractions
  • picnic areas
  • highway viewpoints